Our History

For more than 10 years wood plus has created outdoor furniture ,Our products enhance commercial and residential spaces, creating outdoor living experiences that stand the test of time.

Beginning with our design process, each piece of furniture is tailored to achieve a balance of form and function.. Each piece is crafted with commercial-grade quality to deliver superior comfort and performance that will be enjoyed for years.

Our sales and support professionals provide responsive customer service that continues once our furniture is installed. We are committed to providing customer satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships.

We will always keep our profits in mind, but never at the expense of our customers.

Our competitive edge is our product's unique, functional, high-quality furniture, comfort and valuable price.

Our Vision And Mission

Wood plus Furniture strives to be the leader in quality, affordable outdoor furniture by maintaining a vital commitment to customer satisfaction.

Wood plus will strive for quality in its production and shipping processes. We intend to create a business based on a diverse outdoor product, ensure safe working conditions for all employees, placing this as a priority above our profits.

We intend to use diverse marketing methods to reach a large segment of the gardening population to offer what we feel is a valuable asset to our customers. keep an open mind with regards to new methods of production, changes to our product line, and custom orders from interested clients.

wood plus is the ideal gift, but can also function as value-added gift.